Who We Are

The Bible is the only authoritative source for worship and life. We believe that New Testament worship is fairly simple. 

To worship God as a gathered body, God has given us five main duties:

1. Preaching the Scriptures. This is God speaking to us. The rest of worship is our offerings to Him. 2 Timothy 4:2  

2. Prayer. God commands it, instructs it, and gives His Spirit to personally assist us in it. Matthew 6:9  

3. Singing. "Speaking to one another in Psalms and hymns and spiritual songs, singing a psalming in your heart to the Lord," Eph 5:19. See our Psalms section under Resources.  

4. Fellowship. Our encouragement of one another is vital to our endurance in the Christian warfare, Heb 3:13.  We also meet in groups during the week.  

5. Offerings. Prov 3:9, "Honor Yahweh with your substance, and with the firstfruits of all your increase." We leave the offering box in the back for this aspect of worship. Online giving is also available on this site. 

What We Believe

Statement of Beliefs (55 Doctrinal Points) 

1) We believe the Bible is the Word of God. 

2) We believe the Bible to be a complete Word, without error in any area to which it speaks. 

3) We believe the Bible cannot be equaled or superseded by any other book, revelation, or communication. 

4) We believe the Bible reveals three Persons as God: the Father, the Son, and the Holy Spirit. 

5) We believe that these three Persons alone can comprise the one, true, living God. 

6) We believe that within this one God, there is no confusion of Persons (the Father is not the Son, the Son is not the Spirit, the Spirit is not the Father). 

7) We believe that this God created out of nothing the heavens and earth, and all they contain, in six literal days. 

8) We believe God also created the angels, including angels who later rebelled against God (Satan and his demons).

9) We believe God created man in His own image, able to fellowship with Him. 

10) We believe God instituted marriage for man and woman (only), for life. 

11) We believe God extends His protections and sanctions to each human life from conception. 


12) We believe mankind lost its fellowship with God in Adam's disobedience. 

13) We believe that man, by nature (in Adam), does not know, love, or obey God. 

14) We believe that man cannot by his own power/ ability come to know, love, and obey God. 

15) We believe that God alone can give man a new heart/ mind/ spirit to know, love and obey Him. 

16) We believe God chose, before the world, those who would know, love, and obey Him. 

17) We believe He will not lose any of those whom He chose. 

18) We believe that Jesus of Nazareth was the Christ promised in the Old Testament Scriptures; 


19) that He was born of a virgin; 

20) that He was and is truly, fully human, yet without sin; 

21) that He is the only possible example of a human to be born and live sinlessly; 

22) that He was and is truly, fully God; 

23) We believe in the literal, supernatural account of His miracles. 

24) We believe in all the miracles of Scripture. 

25) We believe Christ established the Old Testament Law and writings by His ministry; He did not nullify them. 

26) We believe the purpose of Christ's death was to take His people's sin in Himself. 

27) We believe He rose bodily from the tomb. 

28) We believe that Christ's death and resurrection are to affect His people's daily lives in THEIR dying to sin and living to righteousness. 

29) *We hold that Christ's people long for this work and evidence it in their lives. 

30) We believe Jesus ascended into heaven where He intercedes for His people. 

31) We believe Christ will return from heaven to gather His people and judge the world. 

32) *We hold that a believer should long to be in the presence of Christ. 

33) We believe there is no means of salvation for anyone at any time other than Christ, His blood cleansing from sin and His righteousness put on the believer's account. 

34) We believe that those condemned in judgment will be eternally punished in the Lake of Fire. 

35) *We believe we are to pray daily and stay in prayerful contact with our God. 

36) We believe "The Lord's Prayer" is a God-given structure for daily prayer.

37) We believe Christ instituted local churches for His people’s benefit. 

38) *We hold that believers are to seek commitment to a body of believers for the purpose of walking with them and of being equipped for God' s service. 

39) *We believe water baptism of believers is God's outward means of initial identification with Christ. 

40) *We hold that elders are given to the church to serve and lead, especially by laboring in the Word, and that believers are to submit to them. 

41) We believe deacons also lead, especially in a supporting role to the elders. 

42) *We believe in the duty of regular attendance at the church's gatherings. 

43) We believe in a regular observance of the Lord's Table (Communion) as a continual reminder of and fellowship with Christ's death.

44) *We believe God's people are to honor Him with the first fruits of their material increase, primarily through the local church. 

45) We believe that God's people are to be generous beyond God's tithe, especially helping the needy, beginning with the household of faith. 

46) We believe in the duty of fasting. 

47) We believe the Spirit gives gifts of His choosing to His people for their honoring of Christ and building up of one another. 

48) *Accordingly, we hold that a believer should actively seek his place of service in the assembly of saints. 

49) We believe love and patience are necessary to maintain fellowship in the body. 

50) We believe the Scriptural means for resolving personal conflicts, offenses, or questionable behavior observed is going directly and privately to the person in question and to them only. 

51) We believe in Scriptural discipline for those not repenting of sin; discipline to include withdrawal of fellowship from them if necessary, until they repent. 

52) *We believe that a Christian should acknowledge any unresolved areas in his life which might affect the church's decision to uphold his membership (murder, other felonies, multiple simultaneous marriages, past church discipline, etc.). 

53) *We believe that any such (prospective) member should deal with these areas in Scriptural repentance/ restitution. 

54) We believe a Christian is to be a good citizen of his country. 

55) We believe that a Christian is bound to obey God's Law when a human law contradicts God's Law, but that such civil confrontation by the Christian is limited to the specific law involved, and that respect in general is still owed to the powers that be. 

 * The asterisked beliefs are especially appropriate for a prospective member's affirmation.